Draw Your Field

Identify location and draw outline around field. Click "next" button and climate, soil survey and crop management zone information loads. Then click "next" button again to move to the next screen.

Help me draw my field.


Field Drawing Instructions

(Click "clear" button at any time to clear all fields from the map.)
  1. Search by panning, address, zip code, city, or GPS coordinates (decimal degrees). In map or satelite view, pan to exact location, moving and zooming as needed.
  2. Switch to draw mode by clicking on the "polygon icon" Polygon Tool.
  3. Set cursor to corner of field and click to set first point. Continue to move cursor and click to set points to identify field borders.
  4. To complete drawing, click the first point. Field should now be outlined.
  5. Field borders can be adjusted by clicking on and dragging points.
  6. Enter a unique name for your field in the "Field Name" box above the map.
  7. Click the "next" button to load climate, soil survey and crop management zone information.
  8. Once complete, click "next" button to continue to the next step.